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Au Jardin Helvetia,  Hotel - Motel - Restaurant - Camping 
	- Jolie auberge et village de vacances 
	prix avantageux, situé 11km à l'ouest de Cotonou.
	- Preiswerte Hotel (Unterkunft, Übernachtung) und 
	Ferien-Anlage, 11 km westl. von Cotonou, Bénin. 
	- Nice holiday resort, direct at the beach, (hotel, 
	motel, accommodation), 11km west of Cotonou. Links about Benin & Afrika
 ©Heiner H. Schmitt
  Cotonou & Basel 

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The following list may never be complete, but anyway, please take some note of the experience of other people in Benin and Africa .
• Bénin Travelreports
La Fille Vénale, ZaimeTV, (African Impressions from Benin)
A short film on Youtube, shows a story, handling in Cotonou, with the decoration of "Au Jardin Helvetia". Downlines you will find more links to Youtube-films, were you can find many other good films from Zaime-TV. Search for the most funny by yourself.
Le chien (1), Zaime-TV
(2) Le blanc parano, Zaime-TV
Hold up (3), Zaime-TV
La grosse Dame (4), Zaime-TV
La Fille Vénale, Zaime-TV
Zaime-TV Homepage
Experiences about the life in the north of Benin can be found in the book
Afrikanische Impressionen aus Benin (
In 1997 Gudrun and Werner flew the first time to Benin in Westafrica.
Fascinated of the country and about the people, they initiated 1999 a project for Orphans in the countryside of Toui. The project, was later continued by the group Verein Pro Benin e.V.. (The book is written in german)  
• Two female teachers from France make a trip in the north, of Bénin, via Abomey, Djougou, Natitingou, using Bushtaxi and bus, for goingg in the Pendjariparc Nationalparc in April 2006. With very nice illustrations from Miriam.
This report is only in french available.  
• Report from a trip in the Pendjari Nationalparc in January 2006. Of interest for any person, planning there own trip in the north of Bénin and the "Pendjari Nationalparc" (new open all year). In german only. (
One and a half year in Westafrica, from Gambia, Senegal, Guinea Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana Togo to Benin. Simeon Lange, Tübingen. (in German only) Our link points directly to Benin, where "Der Buschtrommler" was on the road from 18.11.-16.12.2003.
• Workship-Stipendium in Benin, of Heinz Küehn Stiftung, Germany,
Report about the first Community elections from 10.January - 2. April 2003.
Sorry, in German only, but if you can, read it, for better understanding the life in Benin.
• Westafrica, 17 days in Ghana / Togo / Benin im März 2003.
On the way by Buschtaxi and Busliner in the tree countries of Westafrica. Its whort to make a short look on this site at planning your own travel through one ore more of those countries. Nice pictures, story in german only, sorry.
• Report of a hobby ornithologist about a voyage through Trip through Bénin in February 2003. Of interest for all those, who intend to make a self guided trip in the north of Benin and into the "Pendjari National park" (open from October until May, since 2005 provisioally all year).
( - "Das Portal für Vogelbeobachter und Ornithologen".)
• A stage d'étude au Bénin. Detailed report with nice pictures of a female student of information technology, who has been in Cotonou, Benin in the years 2001/2002.
This site, is a must, before visiting Benin or any country in Westafrica.
IFK-Stiftung für interkulturelle Philosophie und Kunst   Philosophie in Afrika
This is a text of the book Philosophie in Afrika - afrikanische Philosophie (in german only, sorry) published in the Internet . The book has been edited 1991 at "Edition Qumran" in the "Campus Verlag" in Frankfurt/M., it is not available in bookshops since a good while. It's one of the first publications about "African Philosophy in german language.
The Link points direct to the pages Philosophie in Africa, concerning Benin.
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• Websites of and about Benin & Westafrika
Hanns Seidel Foundation (Im Dienst von Demokratie, Frieden und Entwicklung)
Quarterly Report Westafrica 2009 (in German only).
Westafrika allgemein
- Allgemeine politische und wirtschaftliche Entwicklung der Projektregion
- Wahlen in Ghana und in der Elfenbeinküste
- African Peer Review Mechanismus
- Nahrungsmittelkrise und -produktion / Rohstoffe
Anlässlich des Internationalen Frauentags (8.3.) kündigte Staatspräsident Boni Yayi eine weitere Regierungsumbildung an und versprach, 30% der Ministerposten an Frauen vergeben zu wollen.
Ältere Berichte :
Annual Report (in German only)
Monthsly Report February 2008 (in German only)
Monatsreport April 2008 (in German only)
Quarterly Report January - March 2009 (in German only)
Quarterly Report Westafrica 2009 (in German only)
Internationale Weiterbildung & Entwicklung (Homepage of InWent)
Pages about the country of Benin. For the preparation of the life in another country. Useful for everybody who wants to stay or work in Benin for a longer time, specially for helpers in development and also for experts.
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• Travelguides about Bénin & Westafrica
• The Benin page of The Africa Guide has very good information about Benin and contains some addresses of good accommodation places. (
Be careful : some of the addresses are not updated ! (Jan 2003)
Good information can been found about many other countries in Africa.
Unfortunately, they have not a specific Bénin Forum, but in the Forum "Other countries" you may exchange some information about the Bénin => Forum Africa Guide  
• The universal guide in German only about Westafrika Band 2, Küstenländer published by Verlag Reise-Know-How. It contains many useful tips about the roads to travel to Benin, as well many details about Bénin, accommodation there and tourist attractions, like Voodoo or daily trip targets like Ganvie (see also Cotonou environement on this site. (
• Le guide Passot sur le Bénin en est à sa 3ème édition. Il contient beaucoup d' informations détaillées sur le Bénin, en matière d'hébergement, de culture et d'attractions touristiques. Ici on trouve aussi toujours des actualités sur le Bénin.
• Le Routard ,Afrique noire et Bénin est le guide standard pour les touristes en langue française. Il contient beaucoup d'informations des pays de l'Afrique occidentale entre outre, détails du Bénin, comme d'hébergement et des attractions touristiques. ( Au Forum du Routard ,Forum du Bénin on peut se rensegner de toutes les informations nécessaires qu'on a besoin.
• The Lonely Planet, Benin is the standard guide for english speeking tourists. It contains many information about the westafrican countries, and also a lot about Benin, like information about accommodation and touristic attractions. (
• On the Beninspage of Reiseführer. you will find aside a lot of details about Bénin also information about touristic attractions and targeds for daytrips. (
Attention : Some of the addresses are not actualised (from Jan. 2003)!.
  • Very interesting are the both picture reports about Benin und Voodoo
        from Ulla Ackermann at :
    • Schwarzafrika unverdünnt is well written, even if
      • "Mama Bénin" does not reside at Avenue Steinmetz, but in a small street (a "Von", like people use to say here.) parallel of the Bvd. Saint Michel, behind the cinema Le Bénin", where also the name of "Mama Bénin" comes from; and
      • Motor taxis are not called Zemi-johns but "Zemidjan" (speak Semidjan), meaning in English "take me with you" or being called "Kêkênon" (speak Kekeno), in English "man with bicycle" (exactly "mother with bicycle").
    • Der Quadratische Kreis des Voudou with very nice images and explanations about one of the most mysterious cults over the world.
    About Ulla Ackermann :
    Well it seems not to be sure if Ms. Ackermann really has been in Bénin or not (see "Der Spiegel" #23, 02.06.03 ff). The errors described above may at least indicate such doubts.
    The text and specially the images are anyway very good and worth reading!.

    Brummi-Tours organises trips through the desert, from Germany through Mauretania to Sénégal, Bénin and down to Southafrica (Capetown), as well as back to Europe.
    BENIN - Adventure- and Roundtravels
    also in kombinations with Ghana, Burkina-Faso or Togo. (  
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    • Accomodation in Benin
	Au Jardin Helvetia, Cotonou, Benin Au Jardin Helvetia, Hotel, Motel, Restaurant & Camping, idyllic place, directly at the beach, best accommodation (Bungalow, Paillote) for modest price for holidays, the weekend and also for campers coming from the desert.
    Route des Pêcheurs, Houndodji Plage, 11 km west of Cotonou, Benin.

    Westafrika-Safari organises Tours in the Pendjari Nationalpark and offers also nice and good accommodation in the Camp Numi (directly at the entrance pf the park), 41 km east of Tangièta. (  
    The information below comes from our clients, we cannot take any responsibility for the correctness or actuality of this information.   Price ca. FCFA
    Chez Monique
    behind the "House of Justice" in Abomey,
    very clean, only the monkeys have some to small cages.
    Trois Paillotes
    at the entrance of Bohicon (righthand side) coming from the south,
    minor standard.
    Auberge Grand Popo,
    directly at the beach, at the end of the village, very nice place to stay.
    - 16'000
    Awalé Plage,
    directly at the beach, about 3 km further of Grand Popo, in direction of Lomé.
    • n.A.  - - -
    Meals god & cheap. Ask here for a guide to go into the Pendjari National Park (Léon, about 60'000 FCFA per day(!), with a 4 wheel drive).
    La Bourgogne,
    Meals about 5'500  
    La Montagne,
    Meals god & cheap 
    6 - 8'000
    Tata Somba,
    Meals god & expensive. Driver and guide for the Pendjari National Park available. (Léon, about 60'000 FCFA per day(!)
    • Entry in the north of the
    "Parc National du Pendjari". A little bit expensive for the service they have.
    •  n.A.
    - - -
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    • Accommodation in Ghana
    Akwaaba Beach, nice Guesthouse in Ghana, under Swiss guidance.
    Biriwa Beach, Hostel in Ghana. (
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    • Accommodation in Sénégal
    • Nice accommodation at the beach Au petit Jura, in M'Bour 90km of Dakar, directly at the Atlantic ocean.
    Villa Sabina, a very nice an comfortable house in Sénégal, 70km in the south of Dakar and 15 km from M'Bour.
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    • Accommodation in Togo
    • Rooms & Bungalows, as well the possibility for camping can be found Chez Alice, in Avepodzo. 14 km east of Lomé, on the main road Cotonou - Aneho - Lomé, cannot be overseen. Alice, a Swiss lady, living since 1976 in Togo.
    There is every Wednesday a "Soirée Africaine" with "Live-Music".
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    • Africa in general
    • Reports of René Kägi and Sonja Kostezer (in German only) about their long trip from Switzerland to South Africa (2002 - 2003), as well all over the world at the
    Globetrotter offers a variety of trips to different destinations in Africa.
       Unfortunately not to Bénin, but the Link page about Africa is
       well organised and can be highly recommended.. (
    • At Afrika-Radtour you will find a report about a bikers trip through Africa.
    AfricanBikers gives detailed information about trip organisations and ferries etc.
    Art of Africa in books Art of Africa in books :
    Hundreds of books of art, old books and
    catalogues of the art in Africa.
    Reise Webverzeichnis Hotels and Campinggrounds of the world, even some few in Africa
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    • Linkproposals & Linkexchange
    Sorry, due to too much spam, 
please correct the address above manually Do you have additional links to be shown on this page ? Or do you want your Africa- or Bénin-Site to be linked here ? Send us the address on which you have a link to our site, (if possible exactly how presented on the first entry above, with full text in the 'alt' and 'title'-argument of the image, see also Impress) and we will go to install a link to your site as soon as possible. Please mail us to Info @
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