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Au Jardin Helvetia,  Hotel - Motel - Restaurant - Camping 
	- Jolie auberge et village de vacances 
	prix avantageux, situé 11km à l'ouest de Cotonou.
	- Preiswerte Hotel (Unterkunft, Übernachtung) und 
	Ferien-Anlage, 11 km westl. von Cotonou, Bénin. 
	- Nice holiday resort, direct at the beach, (hotel, 
	motel, accommodation), 11km west of Cotonou. Impress
 ©Heiner H. Schmitt
  Cotonou & Basel 

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Au Jardin Helvetia, Hotel - Restaurant - Camping
Moronikê Akobi
08BP0912 TriPostal
DY - Cotonou, Republic of Benin
West - Africa
Tel. portable :    (SMS) +229  97 52 20 70
+229  95 95 79 66

Fax, via D    :    +49 180 355 18 135 42

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	Au Jardin Helvetia, Cotonou, Benin Au Jardin Helvetia, Hotel, Motel, Restaurant & Camping, idyllic place, directly at the beach, best accommodation (Bungalow, Paillote) for modest price for holidays, the weekend and also for campers coming from the desert.
Route des Pêcheurs, Houndodji Plage, 11 km west of Cotonou, Benin.
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